F1 Mid Season Review!!!

So as we have reached the midway point of this exciting Formula 1 season although you wouldn’t have said that after the Bahrain GP which was quite simply an awful race.               With Michael  Schumacher’s return to F1,Button to Mclaren,3 new teams and of course 4 World Champions on the grid.

Bahrain however was quite simply a dreadful race,after Vettel took Pole in qualifying with the 2 Ferrari’s behind,after Alonso passed Massa round the outside in turn 1 the race,while the only other action were Sutil and Kubica coming together at turn 2 which dropped them to back,the race then became a complete procession with Vettel and Alonso pulling slightly away from Massa but then Alonso and Massa began to get closer to Sebastian and then on Lap 34 they passed Seb because the German had a spark plug problem slowed him down,a couple of laps later Hamilton passed him but he held off Rosberg to hold onto 4th.Alonso in the end pulled away and comfortably won from Massa and Hamilton,Schumi finished 6th.    

After a dreadful race in Bahrain we needed a great race in Oz and we got one,Lewis Hamilton who had been pulled over by police in Melbourne on friday after dangerous driving on the streets,was sensationally knocked out in Q2 in 11th place.After a cracking lap Vettel took his 2nd pole of the season with teammate Webber 2nd and Alonso 3rd on the grid with Jenson Button 4th.The race was a cracker,after everyone went on inters for the start Vettel led away with Massa making a great start jumping from 5th to 2nd while Button hit Alonso who gave JB no space and Alonso dropped to the back,the safety car came out after a big accident involving Buemi,Hulkenberg and Kobayashi,they all retired.   Button was the first topit for dry tyres but looked like a big mistake after running the gravel through turn 3,however he soon became the fastest guy on track as he got heat into the tyres and soon everyone pitted apart from Red Bulls who came In a bit later but Vettel managed to keep the lead from Button,however Webber dropped to 8th who then got involved in great battles with Massa and Hamilton,he passed Massa into Turn 1 but ran a little bit wide and Hamilton had a go into turn 3 and Webber outbraked himself losing positions to Massa,Hamilton and Alonso.On Lap 25 disaster struck for Vettel as he retired due to a car problem,Button then went on to cruise to victory from Robert Kubica who drove a stellar race from 9th on the grid to 2nd with Felipe Massa 3rd but with a few laps ago it was all happening for 4th,Hamilton had a look at Alonso into 12 but Alonso blocked him off but Webber came steaming in and hit Hamilton which meant Rosberg jumped Hamilton and Webber who had to pit,Hamilton in the end finished 6th and Webber 9th        

The Malaysian GP was also a cracking race as was qualifying,where both Ferrari’s and Hamilton were knocked out in Q1 after staying in the garage too long as the track got wetter as the session went on.Button made it through but went off the track in Q1 so couldn’t take part In Q2.Webber took pole after gambling on intermediates,Rosberg was 2nd and Vettel 3rd.The race was a cracker,he led by turn 1 after Webber left the door open into turn 1 and then went on for a dominant victory,with Webber 2nd and Rosberg 3rd,meanwhile Hamilton was charging through the field,he made up 7 places on Lap 1 and in the end finished an excellent 6th,Massa was 7th after passing button with 10 laps to go,Button finished 8th while Alonso retired with 2 laps to go after an engine failure while running 9th and had a gear selection problem for the whole race                                                

The Chinese GP was also a cracking race.After Red Bull dominated qualifying with Vettel on pole and Webber 2nd with Alonso 3rd in the Ferrari.However the race didn’t go well for Red Bull.It was another wet race,Alonso jumped the start while Webber got ahead of Vettel into turn 1,while Liuzzi lost control on Lap 1 and hit Kobayashi.Early on most of the lead drivers pitted bar Button and Rosberg who then pulled a huge gap out as the rest went for inters and then went straight back a few laps later to drys.This meant Hamilton,Vettel,Alonso,Webber,Massa all lost a huge amount of time and had to carve there way back through the field and a Safety Car helped there cause,Before the SC came out Button had taken the lead from Rosberg after an error by the German who ran wide.Hamilton then went on the rampage and passed Petrov,Schumacher and Kubica to get himself into 3rd,he then began to catch Rosberg and after both made there final stops Hamilton jumped Rosberg and after Button ran wide with a few laps to go on completely worn inters and just held on from Lewis with Rosberg 3rd with Alonso 4th after also charging through.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                         The F1 circus returned to Europe for the Spanish GP from Barcelona and well it was a dvery boring race,Webber took pole from Vettel in qualifying with Hamilton P3 on the grid.The only moves at the front were Hamilton jumping Vettel for 2nd after the stops and Schumi staying ahead of button for the whole race but disaster was to strike for Vettel when his brakes gave up on him,he pitted and somehow finished 3rd despite having pretty much no brakes while Lewis tyre expolded just 2 laps from the end and retired which elevated Alonso to 2nd.So Webber won,Alonso 2nd,Vettel 3rd.

                                                                                          The Monaco GP was another fairly processional race,Alonso started last after missing Qualifying due to a crash in practice,Webber took pole,Kubica a fantastic 2nd in the Renault and Vettel 3rd on the grid.Vettel managed to get pass Kubica at the start while Alonso took advantage of a Safety Car and finished 6th,after he passed all the new team’s cars.Webber went on to win with Vettel 2nd and Kubica 3rd.

                                    Ahead of the Turkish GP Vettel had to have a new chassis,so it meant one of his famous female chassis names and he called Randy Mandy(boy he has got some interesting english words in his head haha),In turkey it was tight between the Red Bulls and the Mclarens in Qualifying and the race,In Qualifying Vettel had a car problem and would have been on pole if it wasn’t for a car problem again and had to settle for 3rd,with Webber on Pole,Lewis 2nd and Jenson 4th.At the start Seb briefly got ahead of Lewis but lewis got him back almost immediately while Button had to get back pass Schumi after been jumped by him at the start,then these 4 set off for a cracking battle,Seb jumped Hamilton at the pitstops and then began to close in on teammate Webber and on Lap 40 he attacked but disaster struck as he came across a tad early and the 2 Red Bulls collided and Vettel retired from the race but Webber continued and finished 3rd,then the Mclarens raced each other cleanly unlike the 2 RBR drivers,Button passed Lewis into turn 12 but Lewis got him back into turn 1 and went on to win with button 2nd and Webber 3rd.Schumacher finished 4th for the 2nd time in 3 races.Ferraris had a poor race only 7th and 8th.

                                                                                                    Canada was another great weekend with lots of action and there was a massive shock in Q2 when Michael Schumacher was knocked out.Hamilton took pole the first time this season a Red Bull had not taken pole with Webber 2nd,however he had to take a 5 place grid drop due to a gearbox change which elevated Vettel to 2nd and Alonso 3rd.At the start the Top 3 stayed in the same positions but behind Liuzzi and Massa had contact causing both men to pit and Petrov and De La Rosa had contact after Petrov jumped the start.Kamui Kobayashi crashed into the ”wall of champions” at the end of Lap 1 after a battle with Hulkenberg went wrong.On Lap 7 Hamilton and Alonso pitted after the soft tyres,as did Button a lap later had gone completely off and the two Red Bulls led with Vettel ahead of Webber but as soon as Both Mclarens and Alonso pitted and put on the harder tyres they were quicker,than both Red bulls,Alonso had jumped hamilton in the pitstops and when both Red Bulls pitted they dropped behind Buemi which meant he led his first ever race,with Alonso,Hamilton and Button,Vettel and Webber in that order.Alonso then had a go round the outside at the hairpin,however that failed and as Buemi pitted,Hamilton passed Alonso into the final turn to take the lead back again,then halfway through the race as Alonso attacked Lewis,the brit pitted and after Alonso pitted a couple of laps later,Hamilton stayed ahead,Webber who stayed out was caught by Lewis and Alonso on lap 49,by this time Mark’s tyres were gone but there was more drama on Lap 55 as Chandhok held Alonso up and Button brezzed past to go 2nd,In the end Lewis won from Jenson and Fernando,Red Bulls 4th and 5th Seb ahead of Mark after Seb was managing an ”issue”.Schumacher drove an awful race,finished outside the points after been passed by both Force Indias on the final lap and he also squezzed massa off the track in an Illegeal move and drove Kubica off the track earlier in the race.

                                          We returned to europe for round 9 last weekend’s European GP in Valencia,after a close qualifying session Sebastian Vettel took his 4th pole of the season,with Webber 2nd and Hamilton 3rd,the race was expected to be dull as it was rubbish in both 08 and 09,however it was a cracker,Vettel led away while Webber had an awful getaway and dropped to 9th so decide to pit early on and came out behind Heikki Kovalainen but as Webber caught Heikki he hit the lotus and went flying into the air but thanks to the massive improvement of safety Mark incredibly was able to walk away unscathed.Then when the SC came out there was controversy when Hamilton passed the safety car which meant he gained an advantage over the Ferraris and as you all seen there was a overreaction by Ferrari after the race.Anyway Hamilton served a drive through penalty but still came out 2nd thanks to Kobayashi holding up a lot of cars,Kobayashi eventually pitted but he made 2 great moves on Alonso and Buemi in the final 2 laps to finish 7th.Vettel took his 2nd victory of the season with Hamilton 2nd and Button 3rd

Championship Standings(Top 5)                                                                                                        1.Lewis Hamilton 127                                                                                                                          2.Jenson Button 121                                                                                                                            3.Sebastian Vettel 115                                                                                                                        4.Mark Webber 103                                                                                                                            5.Fernando Alonso 98                                                                                                                        Constructors Standings(Top 5)                                                                                                          1.Mclaren-Mercedes 248                                                                                                                  2.Red Bull-Renault 218                                                                                                                        3.Ferrari 165                                                                                                                                        4.Mercedes GP 109                                                                                                                              5.Renault 89


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8 Responses to F1 Mid Season Review!!!

  1. Kristin says:

    Good job guys, very interesting blog and have all short for the races 🙂
    F1 FTW ❤ 😉

  2. Listen_to_dom says:

    Very good blog! You two should have entered in that red bull competition. Fantastic words.

  3. Danielle says:

    With the quality of F1/Motor-sport nuts like you, my expectations were high.. And you know what I wasnt disappointed. Great blog.. I reckon you could give Banu/Jenny a run for their money 😉 Keep it up!

  4. Ailish says:

    Awesome blog guys!!

  5. @listen_to_dom james great review!! i entered that redbull competition!! (melissa) here’s the link to my mid season review http://www.redbullreporter.com/2010/06/9-races-later-the-formula-1-rolls-into-the-home-of-british-motorsport/

  6. Duncan Rice says:

    Great stuff and pretty comprehensive review.

    Guess you just missed the 500 word limit for Red Bull Reporter though, lol

  7. Colm says:

    Wicked blog James and co

  8. Josh Hayes says:

    Fantastic review! So incredibly well written too 🙂 So great to relive the season so far, although can’t believe we’re half way through! :-O

    All the best! 🙂

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