5 Contenders-Who will win the F1 Championship?

1.Mark Webber-This will be Mark’s best ever chance to win a championship,he’s had an excellent season,only failing to score in 1 GP this season which was in Valencia after an horrendous incident with Heikki Kovalainen.Mark had a slow start to the season with an 8th,9th,2nd and 8th in the opening 4 races but when he got back into Europe a massive improvement with him winning the Spanish and Monaco races and was leading in Turkey when he collided with teammate Vettel but stayed in the race and finished 3rd in the end.   He then finished 5th in Canada and after that horrendous crash in Valencia he came back and took a superb victory after the front wing controversy in Qualifying.Then he had an average race in Germany with 6th but fought back again in Hungary with a lucky enough victory after Vettel’s error,then drove a very solid race for 2nd in Belgium and then finished 6th in Italy last weekend with some excellent overtaking moves.A slight disadvantage for Webber is that he hasn’t been involved in a title fight but has been in F1 since 2002 and with the fastest car in the field this season I think he will win the title as long as the car remains reliable.                                                                                                       2.Lewis Hamilton-The 2008 World Champion has had an up and down season but remains right in the hunt for the championship.He had a solid start to the season in a Mclaren that was only the 3rd fastest car for the opening races in the dry,Lewis finished 3rd in Bahrain after Vettel’s problem,he then had 2 consecutive 6th places in Oz and Malaysia,then in China he drove a superb race in the wet to come through the pack to finish 2nd.Then in Spain in a car which was much slower compared to Vettel’s he jumped Seb in the pitstops and was heading for 2nd until with 2 laps to go heartbreak his tyre let go and retired.Then after a 5th in Monaco,Then Lewis got into a real purple patch,he won the next 2 events in Turkey and Canada.Then 2 second places in Europe and Britain,he then finished 4th in Germany but had a DNF after a gearbox problem,He drove a super race at Spa to take victory but a silly incident with Massa at Monza meant a silly DNF and lost his championship lead to Webber.                                                                                                           Advantages Hamilton has,he is a very good racer who can overtake better than anyone on the grid at the moment,always give 100% and he has been involved in 2 epic title fights already.Disadvantage well sometimes his racer instincts mean he can make bad errors and Red Bull have a quicker car,so I think 2nd for Lewis in the Championship.                               3.Fernando Alonso-A Real up and Down season for the Double World Champion.After winning the opening race in Bahrain and a 4th in Australia,he retired in Malaysia with an engine failure,then had another 4th in China,back to Europe it soon became obvious Ferrari only had the 3rd quickest car,after a lot of luck he finished 2nd in Spain,6th in Monaco after driving a great race from last place after missing qualifying.Then he had a poor weekend in Turkey finishing 8th,a great drive in Canada got him 3rd place,then 2 bad races 8th in Valencia and 14th in Britain after a penalty for an illegal overtake.He Then won the German GP after Ferrari used team orders to move Massa over for him to win.                     He then drove a solid race in Hungary to finish 2nd,DNF in belgium after a silly error,then won the Italian gp after great work by his pitcrew.Advantages-he has the full backing of his team and has been involved championship battles as well as lewis.Disadvantages-Too Inconsistent which could have cost him the title.I see him finishing 4th in the championship.                                                                                                                                       4.Jenson Button-Button had a very strong start to the season winning races in Oz and China after brilliant strategies,he finished 7th in Bahrain and 8th in Malaysia in the other fly away races.He then had a 5th place finish in Spain,a DNF in Monaco after a mechanic error,he then got back on track with two consecutive 2nd places in Turkey and Canada,a 3rd in Valencia,4th in Britain and 5th in Germany.Then things went downhill,only 8th in Hungary and then while running 2nd at Spa,he was hit by Vettel which meant a DNF but drove a superb race at Monza to finish 2nd and get himself back into the hunt.Advantages-In changeable conditions he is the best on the grid and scores regular points even if small.   Disadvantages-He needs the balance and grip to be spot on otherwise he struggles a lot and that’s why he will only finish 5th in the Championship in my opinion.                                         5.Sebastian Vettel-Really Up and Down season for Seb-He has taken 7 poles but has only won 2 races so far,He was heading for victory in Bahrain before a spark plug problem meant he only finished 4th,then a DNF in Melbourne after a brake problem while leading,Then won in Sepang after a good drive,he finished 6th in China after strategy error(changing tyres) by Red Bull and himself.He then finished 3rd in Spain after big brake problems in the last few laps.Then had a good race in Monaco to finish 2nd but disaster struck in Turkey when he collided with teammate Webber which meant a DNF.4th in Canada despite late car trouble.He then won in Valencia after an excellent drive but only 7th in the British GP after picking up a puncture on the opening lap after been on pole.he then finished 3rd in Germany after a poor start from pole.He should have won in Hungary but dropped too far behind the safety car which meant a drive through penalty and only finished 3rd.Vettel had a nightmare in Belgium,he hit button out of the race and then after a drive through penalty,Liuzzi clipped Seb’s tyre which gave him a puncture and finished 14th.Vettel drove an excellent race at Monza to finish 4th after been 8th halfway through when he had a brake problem for a lap.                                                                                           Advantages-King of Qualifying and has got massive natural speed and of course has a great car.                                                                                                                                                         Disadvantages-still not good at overtaking and has not converted enough poles into wins.my prediction 3rd in the championship.                                                                                  


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